Justin Janowitz grew up in Nashua, New Hampshire and graduated from Ithaca College’s “Park’s School of Communications.” After college he moved to Los Angeles where he’s been living and working for over a decade.

As a Director of Photography he shoots narrative, music videos, brand content and documentaries, and has worked with major brands, production companies and agencies including; Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, Sony, Geico, Netflix, Nine West, Deutsch, Mass Appeal, Decon and more.

The short film, Breaking Fast, which he lensed was accepted to play at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, he shot a feature length documentary about hip-hop star Future that has a 2018 expected release, worked on the Netflix docu-series Rapture, and shot the upcoming films A Reckoning and Alone We Fight also releasing in 2018.

  • “Justin Janowitz is an exceptional director of photography – one of the finest I have worked with in 20 years of studio and independently-financed production. The extent of his technical prowess is awe-inspiring and his creative vision is indispensable to a film or TV producer and director. A great pleasure to work with.”

    Tony Hewett – President/Producer
    Random Collision Entertainment (Los Angeles)

  • “Justin Janowitz is by far one of the most creative and professional directors of photography I’ve ever worked with. He has consistently delivered exquisite imagery on countless projects we have collaborated on. His technical knowledge, innovation and finesse is unparalleled. A true talent.”

    Elijah Long – Producer

  • “Justin is easily one of the more knowledgeable directors of photography I’ve come in contact with in my ten years in this industry. His preparation, attention to detail and pure focus was beautiful to watch. Simply a joy to have behind the lens.”

    Bresha Webb – Actress/Producer

  • “My collaboration with Justin was such a wonderful experience. He helped realize my vision, and his respect for his craft is an inspiration. He led his team with pristine guidance and really brought a terrific layer to the whole production team. I look forward to working with him again.”

    Mike Mosallam – Director

  • “Justin Janowitz has DP’d numerous projects for me. He is a trusted collaborator, bringing not only his extensive technical knowledge, but his creative insight, flexibility, keen eye and vision as well. Justin and I come from the same school of thinking, “preparation is everything” and “color and light also tell a story.” It has been an educational adventure working with him, and I look forward to the next great adventure.”

    Dawn Higginbotham – Director/Producer
    Morning Person Pictures

  • “When I first started working with Justin several years ago the first thing that struck me was his deep commitment to vision. The scale of the project and the size of the budget doesn’t seem to matter to him. He wants to understand the vision and then figure out how to deliver. He’s done amazing things with cameras I can only describe as handy-cams, beautiful narrative work with Red’s and Alexa’s, and truly thought provoking documentary work. Whatever the project is I know Justin will think of things others won’t and he will not just understand, but amplify the vision and outcome.”

    Evan Hall – Director

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